El León de Oro is the first organization to present in Asturias a season entirely devoted to vocal and choral music.

Marco Antonio García de Paz tells us about it in this presentation:

To all people affected by melomania:

It is a great pleasure to communicate and present the achievement of a dream. After a journey of more than two decades and thanks to the evolution of our group, we have been able to gather the necessary support to present the first season of “El León de Oro”. 

We are not oblivious to the harsh reality and health uncertainty aorund us and we are aware that this situation requires a great deal of courage. But we are guided by the deep intention of bringing moments of culture and hope to our society, which makes the joy of this group even greater.

Another fact that motivates us enormously is being the first organization to present in Asturias a season entirely dedicated to vocal and choral music. We live in a community that has a great artistic tradition, especially in the musical field. Our dream is to complete and enrich the great existing offer and be able to satisfy the enormous demand of the public. It also arrives in a key period, due to the probable increase in viewers that will be generated for reasons derived from capacity reductions.

Through these concerts we will go through the sumptuous choral and symphonic-choral repertoire. We include the powerful messages of universal works such as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony or Brahms’ German Requiem, we revisit the greatness of our Renaissance polyphony and we travel through the innovative proposals of our PLDO  and  AURUM that, masterfully guided by their conductress Elena Rosso, influence in other artistic aspects (scenic, theatrical, lighting…) in addition to music.

All this sensation of manifest fertility would not exist without the support of so many entities and people who make possible to have reached this stage and who make our inspiration and enthusiasm constantly renew.

Marco Antonio García de Paz

Download all the information about our TEMPORADA LDO 20-21 in pdf here.