• Guerrero – Magnificat, Lamentations & Canciones

    The León de Oro choir, conducted by Peter Phillips and  Marco Antonio García de Paz
    Works from the composer Francisco Guerrero (1527/28 – 1599)
    Learn more about the contents here.

    Label: Hyperion

    Publication date: 05/03/2021

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  • Amarae Morti

    Amarae morti

    El León de Oro, led by Peter Phillips: Lamentations and motets by Cardoso, Gombert, Lassus, Morales, Palestrina, Phinot & Victoria.
    Recorded in September 2016 in the Church of Santiago el Mayor, Sariego, Asturias, Spain.
    Produced by Adrian Peacock.

    Label: Hyperion

    Publication date: 05/02/2019

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  • Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari: Talitha Kumi / La Passione / 8 Cori

    Rainer Trost, tenor

    Joan Martín-Royo, baritone

    El León de Oro, choir

    Oviedo Filarmonía, orchestra

    Friedrich Haider, conductor

    Label: Naxox

    Publication date: 01/02/2018

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  • Otello, G. Verdi

    The children´s choir Peques LDO participated in the recording of Verdi´s opera Otello, performed by the Oviedo Filarmonia Orchestra, conducted by Friedrich Haider and published by Naxos.

    Label: Naxos

    Publication date: 01/01/2014

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  • Portada disco Paxarines

    Paxarines, Música Para Nosotros

    Asturian music (11 songs)

    Label: Vocal

    Publication date: 01/01/2008

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  • Lux aurumque

    This is the first CD recorded by El Leon de Oro, and it was its presentation to public. It contains a selection of religious polyphony works from various time periods and two compositions of its own.

    Label: Fonoastur

    Publication date: 01/01/2003

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