Elena Rosso Valiña, graduated in piano and chamber music, is professor of piano and choir at the Municipal School of Music of Carreño. She has studied choral conduction with outstanding national and international masters.

She is the founder and conductor of the LDO´s Children Choir and  AURUM female choir, with which she has won several international prizes such as Tolosa, Debrecen, Varna, Torrevieja, Cantonigrós, Arezzo, Rimini and Montreux.

She is a singer and technical coach of “El Leon de Oro” from the very beginning in 1996. She has also obtained the award for “Best Choral Direction” at the “60 Guido d’Arezzo Polyphonic Contest” (Italy) in 2012 and at the «54 Montreux Choral Festival» (Switzerland) in 2018.

She is usually required to give choral conducting courses and workshops for conductors of children or youth choirs.