El León de Oro

More than two decades of intense work, great enthusiasm and very high levels of quality rewarded with more than 50 national and international awards that endorse it as one of the reference groups of the European panorama.

Marco Antonio García de Paz

Conductor and founder of El León de Oro

They are the future from the present, a reference in their age range. They enjoy singing with that enviable naturalness behind which they hide many hours of rehearsal and love for music.

Elena Rosso

Conductor and founder of Aurum and Peques LDO

Marco A. García shows a direction always accurate, very effective, attentive to detail, but fluid, with an elegant and clarifying gesture.

Elena Rosso marks differences in direction by her teaching, clear and precise gesture, but above all, she is a born worker who sees her effort rewarded.

Pablo Álvarez

Chief Dpt. Of Music Education I.E.S Batán

Peter Phillips

It is extraordinarily unusual to find a large choir capable of singing Renaissance music with such quality.