El León de Oro roars in the Cathedral“. This is how Jonathan Mallada began his chronicle in LNE of the concert that our flagship (The Golden Lion choir) offered this past Monday, April 3rd, in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Oviedo (Asturias, Spain).

Those of us who were lucky enough to attend the concert, we are still open-mouthed and wondering how a work of as much difficulty as the Missa Praeter rerum seriem by George de La Hèle, from the 16th century, sung in SEVEN VOICES, can sound so exquisitely. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, those were 7 voices singing in unison, each one tuned to the last nanotone. Incredible but true. So much so, that a fragment of the Kyrie of this Mass was chosen as the encore by El León de Oro, after the ovation at the end of the concert.

In the later chronicle and critic, which we attach below, Mallada speaks of the grandeur of this work and the rest of the program, which, although the captain of the ship, Marco Antonio García de Paz, divided it into bow and stern, ancient and modern, did not take a leak anywhere.

While all the works of the program are of a delicacy and an impeccable interpretive quality, in addition to the already praised Missa in the bow, the piece of Andrej Makor in the stern, “O lux beata trinitas“, has a basic melody of a sweetness that invites you to close your eyes, fly over green hills and feel the scent of petrichor.

Full success with the title that Marco Antonio García de Paz gave the program, “Beyond the order of things“, especially knowing that “order” is, among others, synonymous with “peace”, which is what remains in our bodies after a concert of El León de Oro.

El Leon de Oro ruge en la Catedral – La Nueva Espana
La exigencia que forja una leyenda – La Nueva España