We are about to start our next adventure and, although it is always exciting to rehearse for a concert and travel anywhere to share our music with the public, this year everything is more exciting if possible.

You have to prepare scores, clothing, shoes and MASKS. The trips by bus are different, of course, with the social distance that prevents us from forming groups to sing and entertain the trip. Accommodation can no longer be in double rooms, in which we used to share time and talks.

But none of that matters, or rather, it is of little importance because we are going to visit the beautiful Soria, and to sing in the Otoño Musical Soriano, a festival running its 28th edition and which, year after year organizes a magnificent musical event.

The choir El León de Oro, conducted by Marco Antonio García de Paz, participates with its program “Margarita Pretiosa”, winner in 2020 of FestClásica in the ancient music section.

We remind you that the concert will take place at the Odón Alonso Auditorium of the Palacio de la Audiencia in Soria on Sunday, September 13 at 12:00. A perfect time to later have a vermouth in the streets of Soriana and enjoy its delicious cuisine, especially its lamb, a delicacy. And don’t forget to buy butter, of course. Yummy.

Tickets are on sale at https://teatropalaciodelaaudiencia.sacatuentrada.es/es/entradas/el-leon-de-oro—foms-20/2020-09-13

Further information can be found in the Facebook page of the Festival and in its official web page.

¡Join us!