Although El León de Oro appears at the 1:19 minute, watching the full video is a joy and shows the quality of the cast that participated in this prestigious festival that this year celebrated its 81st edition, but also to the exquisiteness and neatness of the organization and the public.

The hashtag that is viral nowadays, #CultureIsSecure, is widely demonstrated here and in so many other festivals and events that have been taking place since confinement ended, back in late spring.

Culture is SAFE and ESSENTIAL. Living without culture is not living, it is just passing by life. We need to see ourselves, hear ourselves, feel ourselves, smell ourselves, no matter how: in concerts or exhibitions, in performances or books, in festivals or isolated events, classical or modern, ancient or contemporary.

Thanks again to the Quincena Musical Donostiarra for all its 81 years of nurturing culture in general and for this one in particular.