The impressive quarry that makes up the Peques LDO choral group joins the online initiatives with this precious work, From my window, recorded in homes during confinement.

The music has been composed by our great friend, colleague and composer, Josu Elberdín, and directed by the founder of Peques LDO and fundamental part of the LDO project, Elena Rosso.

But also, the lyrics of the song, based on “our national clapping event” at 20:00, have been written by the children that make up this delicious group, Peques LDO

And last but not least, it has been recorded in 8D, a type of surround sound that, when listened thru headphones, seems to come from all directions, in this case from every child, from every house. A real joy!

Here you have the video to enjoy these minutes of effort and dedication. We encourage you to share it with the hashtag #PLDOInAction and spread it across the network.

Bravo Peques LDO!

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