We were already looking forward to making the news official, because we love not only sharing the illusion, but also the responsibility that this position means for Marco.

©Beatriz Montes

The joy of all the people who, in one way or another, are around the LDO project, cannot be more sincere and warm. We know that this will bring good things for García de Paz, but also for the LDO project, especially for its flagship, the El León de Oro choir.

In the presentation concert, which took place a few minutes ago, also Asturian Pablo Gonzalez, principal conductor of the RTVE orchestra and artistic advisor of both groups participated.

Manuel Ventero, manager of the RTVE Orchestra and Choir, was in charge of introducing Marco Antonio García de Paz, who, sitting in the auditorium, answered some questions before going on stage to conduct the last piece of the concert: the fragment Vollendet ist das große Werk nº 26 from The Creation by Joseph Haydn.

Very appropriate excerpt, which meanss “The great work is complete”, because we know for sure that García de Paz’s work with the RTVE choir will its imprint, not only because of the musical mastery and communication skills of the choirmaster, but also for his sympathy and empathy.

Congratulations, Maestro and friend. We can finally applaud!