The Choir of Madrigalistas will collaborate with large orchestras – February 19, 2020

Mexico / Notimex. During this year, the Choir of Madrigalistas will collaborate with six orchestras, in addition, it will present individually, ancient, Renaissance music from Portugal and collaborations with international teachers; as well as a program for the 75 years of the liberation of the concentration camps (music prohibited by the Nazis), among other activities.

In an interview with Notimex, the conductor Carlos Aransay commented that the collaboration with the National Symphony, the Philharmonic of the UNAM, the Chamber of Fine Arts, the Antiqva Metropoli, the Typical of Mexico City, to name a few, is sum importance.

“They are the leading orchestras of the country and the most important. In addition, we are visiting different repertoires and the year ends with the agreement we have with Antiqva Metropoli, which is baroque and with them we are going to do the Messiah in the large hall of the Palace of Fine Arts. ”

On international teachers he indicated that the first was Rodrigo Cadet, on January 31 in Fine Arts, thus beginning his first 2020 season, with a concert of French and English music from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, between which was the premiere created by composer Edward Elgar.

They will have the choir conductors Marco Antonio García de Paz from Spain, and Eduardo Díaz Cerón, with whom they will work three programs to Beethoven, the first will be later this month with the Orchestra of the Chamber of Fine Arts, with which they will perform a premiere of García Abril ; while with the Philharmonic of the UNAM they will carry out the Mass in C Major of the said composer and with the National Symphony Orchestra to Franz Joseph Haydn.

“We want to make music that is not so well known to him (Beethoven), we are going to do Mass in C Major, which is almost never done, and we are going to make a camera show, with songs that will surely be almost all premiere in Mexico. Our program will be quite general ”.