It has been a long time, many days, many hours, and the enthusiasm for acting in public becomes necessary, as if we had gone cold turkey.

There will be someone who thinks that the need of applause from the audience is simple vanity, because during the months of confinement we have listened and seen a lot of live music, which could imply that the need to act and broadcast was already covered.

But no. The nutrient that provides the direct, or rather, that so-called “warmth” of the audience, has nothing to do with a sin (although sweets never made anyone bitter and eating one would not be gluttony either), but with the reaffirmation, with the connection of concerns, with that part of our interior that socializes and makes us human beings.

The El León de Oro choir will perform in public shortly, but the first to come to the fore will be its conductor and founder, Marco Antonio García de Paz, who will conduct the RTVE Choir next Wednesday, July 1, at El Escorial. It is also the first live performance for this choir after confinement, and they are eager.