«It is extraordinarily unusual to find a large choir capable of singing Renaissance music with such quality».
Peter Phillips, director of The Tallis Scholars
«You can sing with discipline and sound boring. You can be very passionate and sound exacerbated. “El León de Oro”1 is both discipline and passion, something absolutely ideal».
Dame Emma Kirkby, soprano


Director: Marco Antonio García de Paz

Honorific Director: Mr Peter Phillips


  The main aspiration of the “LDO”2 is none other than the search for the sonorous beauty, proves the purity of the polyphony and community that arises from the singing together. This can not be achieved without maximum enthusiasm and dedication, with the irrevocable desire to favor quality over quantity. We invite you to discover with us this exciting sound adventure and enjoy the magic of choral singing.

  The “LDO”2 is a choir founded in Luanco (Asturias, Spain) more than two decades ago. What began as a small group of passionate friends of choral singing has already become a solid project that is being revealed as a reference in Spain and abroad, as endorsed by the constant awards and invitations to public success and criticism.

  The training stands out for its versatility in terms of repertoire and staff, which allows to offer all kinds of concerts with a wide repertoire ranging from the Renaissance and Baroque masters to the most avant-garde vocal groupings.




Director: Elena Rosso Valiña


   The female choir “AURUM” was born in Luanco (Asturias, Spain) in January 2012, as a novel project based on the creation and staging of a group composed exclusively of female voices. The training has 32 components in staff, with ages between 15 and 30 years old. The basic setup of the female choir is SSAA (soprano 1, soprano 2, alto 1, alto 2).





Director: Elena Rosso Valiña


  Created in the year 2000 as part of the choral project “El León de Oro”1, it aims to form choirs for the little ones in order to create a coral quarry. At present it is composed of 50 voices and has a wide and varied repertoire in terms of styles.




Director: Elena Rosso Valiña


   Created in the year 2015 as the new incorporation of the choral project “Padres y Madres de Peques del LDO”5, it aims to form a choir for parents and relatives of the kids of “LDO”2. The main objetive of this formation is to let them to enjoy singing and to share incredible experiences with their children within the choral world. At present it is composed of 30 voices and they are working hard to create their own style and repertoire.



1.- The Golden Lion.

2.- Spanish acronym of the choir “El León de Oro”.

3.- Gold (in Latin).

4.- The Little Ones of Golden Lion.

5.- The Little Ones’ Parents of Golden Lion.