«El León de Oro»1

«The main aspiration of the “LDO”2 is none other than the pursuit of sonic beauty, experience the purity of polyphony and the community that comes from singing together. This can not be achieved without the greatest enthusiasm and dedication, unwavering will to promote quality at the expense of quantity. We invite you to discover with us this exciting sonic adventure and enjoy the magic of choral singing».


    This year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the foundation of “LDO”2, a vocal group that begins as a small group of friends who are passionate about singing and which, today, has become a solid project that is revealing as a reference in Spain and abroad, as endorsed numerous awards, public success and criticism and invitations to the best festivals.

   The training stands out for its versatility in repertoire and staff, which allows to offer all kinds of concerts with a wide repertoire ranging from the Renaissance and Baroque masters to the most avant-garde vocal groupings.

   “LDO”2 has performed a cappella concerts in major Spanish festivals, various European countries, the United States and Africa, and also maintains a continuous collaboration with important orchestras of our country, such as the Symphony Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias, Oviedo Philharmonia, Orchestra Symphonic of Bilbao and the group Forma Antiqva, with whom it has carried out programs like the Magnificat of JS Bach, the Requiem of Fauré, the Requiem of Mozart, the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven, the Passions according to San Juan and San Mateo of JS Bach Or Dafnis and Cloe de Ravel, among others.



   In Spain, in recent years he has been invited to the “Musika-Music” festival, Cuenca’s Religious Music Week, with his own concert and another collaborating with “The Tallis Scholars” under the direction of Peter Phillips, Logroño or International Festival “Sacred Art” in Madrid or Festival of Ancient Music of Aranjuez, among others.

   Within the projects carried out last year 2016 can be highlighted the recording of a CD in September, with Peter Phillips as director.

   We can not fail to emphasize the great success that “LDO” harvested in the “London International A Cappella Choir Competition” in 2014, with the program “Road to London”, where it obtained the first prize removing choirs from around the world. They are also First National Choral Singing Prize of the years 2003, 2006 and 2007 and “Gidoneum Award” of the contest “Guido d’Arezzo”, among others.

   The upcoming seasonis going to be fabulous for “LDO”2: two concerts in co-production with the National Center for Music Diffusion in Oviedo and León.


1.- The Golden Lion.

2.- Spanish acronym of the choir “El León de Oro”.