Choir “El León de Oro”1

Director: Marco Antonio García de Paz

El León de Oro en Maribor

  «Nothing in the world is more wonderful than the appearance of what I have always called a ‘Mirror Choir’, that is, a choir in which others can see themselves, follow its example and strive for artistic goals of the highest quality. The “LEÓN DE ORO”1 choir is right now the most ‘coveted choir’, the choir we would all like to conduct, but… Marco A. García de Paz is the fortunate creator of the “LDO”2 itself, which has attained international renown. Hard work, persistence, and, above all, the strength of the group are the factors responsible for its success».
Javier Busto, composer



1.- The Golden Lion.
2.- Spanish acronym of the choir “The Golden Lion”.