Director: Elena Rosso Valiña

AURUM1 aims to find the highest sound quality, through vocal and aesthetic diversity, as well as an emotional commitment to the public, thanks to the programs specifically selected and worked for each occasion.”


   This young female choir is part of “El León de Oro”2, a choral project born in Luanco (Asturias, Spain) two decades ago, and currently has more than 120 singers. “AURUM”1 was born in early 2012 and consists of girls between the ages of 15 and 30 who have been part of or continue to form the children’s choir “Los Peques del León de Oro”3, also some of them are already singers of the adult choir “LDO”4, with which Collaborate frequently especially in symphonic-choral music. This is undoubtedly the main objective of this new creation within the “LDO”4 project, to give continuity to the young voices by making an intermediate between the children’s choir and the adult. 

  “AURUM”1 debuted internationally in July 2012 at the Béla Bartók International Choir Competition in Debrecen (Hungary) where they won a fourth place, and only a month later participated in the prestigious Guido d’Arezzo Choir Competition in Arezzo (Italy) , one of the most important in the world and framed in the European Grand Prix of Choral Singing, where they have obtained their best results so far: 


· First prize in Renaissance Music. 

· Second prize in folklore. 

· “Special Jury Prize” to the Best Director. 


  In 2013 they won the First Prize in the category of Female Choirs in the International Competition of Cantonigrós (Catalonia). 

  In 2014 they put on stage in the theater of the Niemeyer Cultural Center a musical creation show, “KODAMA”. In this format different arts such as music, scenery, lighting and spatialization are combined. This project has marked a new concept in the interpretation of choral music in our environment. 

  In November of that same year they obtained the Third prize in the two categories of Polyphony and folklore in the International Competition of Tolosa. 

  In September 2015 they won the First Prize in sacred music at the Citta International Competition in Rimini (Italy) as well as the third place in the category of equal voices. 

  Its director and founder is Elena Rosso Valiña, titled superior of piano and chamber music. As a piano teacher and choral group at the Candas Music School, she has combined her teaching activity with advanced courses of management with teachers of recognized national and international prestige. In turn she is the director of Los Peques del León de Oro and preparer of vocal technique of the “Aires de Candás” and “El León de Oro” choirs. Currently, it is frequently required to develop training workshops with choirs for children, youths and choral groups from different parts of Spain, as well as training courses for choir directors.


1.- Gold (in Latin).

2.- The Golden Lion.

3.- The Little Ones of Golden Lion.

4.- Spanish acronym of the choir “El León de Oro”.